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Services for African Publishers

AfricaWeb has developed its technology in such way that it is specifically suitable for the African market. The publishing technology that it has developed has a different back-end and CMS for desktop and mobile in order to optimize for slower African internet speeds.

Most African publishers are using WordPress since it is a widely adopted publishing tool and it is for free but is also has some disadvantages. The AfricaWeb technology brings the following:

  • Safer against hackers
  • More reliable and stable as to uptime
  • More able to deal with peak traffic
  • Faster as to loading time
  • Specific tools for publishing content and managing editorial teams
  • More pageviews

What we offer


AfricaWeb has a lot of experience in the monetization of national and international traffic. AfricaWeb is using the technology of Google Ad Manager and is connected to a vast collection of demand side players – advertisers, media agencies and others.

In summary, what do our services bring to you: