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Content Management System (CMS)

Our core principles as to technology:

AfricaWeb’s CMS- backend can cope with high peaks of traffic and creates more page views that can be monetized because of the high loading speed. We know that every impression counts, because every impression has the potential to generate revenue.

By employing our technology, combined with the access to the right demand side of the industry, we help publishers unlock the true revenue potential of their sites.

Our Technical Setup

1 Load
1 Balancer
2 webservers
1 database
Load of the webserver is 20%
1 VPS machine
4 Cores
4 Cores (16GB memory, 250 GB)
1 Core
1 GB Memory
125 GB harddisk

The usp’s of AfricaWeb

  • Safer against hackers
  • More reliable and stable as to uptime
  • Quicker loading time
  • More pageviews
  • Low operational costs

The efficiency of code used by AfricaWeb