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News Portal

CameroonWeb is a news portal that offers an objective, balanced and alternative content about Cameroon to educate, inform and entertain the various diverse population of the country and its diaspora.

CamerounWeb comes in both desktop and mobile versions for easy accessibility either from a computer, feature phone or smartphone.The website launched in 2017 became the most popular and most patronized website in the Central African nation.

According to Alexa, CameroonWeb is the first information website in the country and stands at the 9th position as the most visited website in Cameroon behind Google, Facebook and YouTube.

Being the first all-in-one website in Cameroon, CameroonWeb has an array of content including: News (Sport, Business, Entertainment, General News, Health, Diaspora news, Regional, Tabloid, Crime and Punishment), Opinion section for self-created blogs, Business and website directories, Job openings, Exchange rates, stock exchange, Real estate portal and Used cars, Hospitality industry information, Cameroonian radios, Country information, Personal homepage, Featured websites, Dating services and chat room, Classifieds, events, announcements.

CameroonWeb was purposely created to serve independently as a resource of information on Cameroon and to meet the daily online needs of the people including: News updates, Comment on issues, Express opinions on current happenings, Acquire hard to get information about Cameroon, Sell products for free under classifieds, Post adverts to reach out to the entire population, Meet other Cameroonians to network, Expose the country to potential investors, Uphold the principle of independence and objectivity on relaying information.

The role played by GhanaWeb in Ghana which has been replicated by CameroonWeb in Cameroon is to create investment opportunities for the country through the promotion of values and traditions as well as economical standing to boost the interests of investors. As a free-speech platform, the voice of the people is pivotal in our operations creating a democratic aura in the seemingly volatile country.

CameroonWeb offers ample opportunities for advertisers to promote their brand and product offers.