The partnerships that we offer provide many different tools to leverage your marketing objectives, either because of the specific features of the partnership or the specific target audience of the partnership, or the specific umfeld of the partnership theme.

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The sponsoring propositions of our marketing solutions consists of different packages with a mix of advertising, editorial attention, PR and inclusion in our newsletters.

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Market Insights

The Ghana Consumer Panel gives brands the possibility to research the reaction of Ghanaians to future products and services. The Ghana Consumer Panel contains extensive profile information of the members, which registered actively and voluntarily.

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Effective & measurable

Why you would choose for SME advertising

if you decide to advertise:

With many advertising solutions available, we can create the best tailor made solution that suits your objectives in the best way possible
With the marketing solutions, AfricaWeb walks away from the “one size fits all” approach that is offered with most publishers and is able to provide you with the cutting edge of advertising, beneficial to your brand and sales objectives.

You want to be recognized as a special brand that wants to win the preference of the consumer. With a special approach we can make you look exclusive with an escape from the regular promotional battlefield.

In the marketing solutions field, we position ourselves as a partner of you and the agencies you work with. In a joint effort, our different teams in the field of content production, digital production and the management of the different digital channels  search for the solutions that suits best your marketing objectives

We offer you a single point of contact although a team with a miscellaneous skill set may work on your campaign and different departments will be involved in your marketing solution

AfricaWeb works together with best in class partners in order to provide you with a one stop shop experience where the different promotional solutions can be integrated in the most effective way