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AfricaWeb can contact many GhanaWeb Club members by (smart) SMS next to your own audience. AfricaWeb works together with a specialized partner, Mailtext. We create new campaigns, launch special offers and announce any new features or news you want to tell your customers. You can use segments and specialised lists to reach your target market.

Together with Mailtext,  we help you upload lists and collect numbers through our platform using QR codes and partners.


over 500 thousand email addresses


100 thousand app downloads


4 million unique visitors monthly

With SMS marketing, there is no need for campaigns to be printed out or for designs to be created, saving you valuable and precious time. Simply decide what your message will be and then send a bulk SMS to your customers which will take no longer than sending an SMS text on your own phone. The absolute bonus is the fact that 90% of SMS text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received which means you could see results immediately!

The fact is, customers simply love using SMS texting due to its ease of use, accessibility, and simplicity which will allow you to bank on their familiarity with this communication medium, which is being used daily, worldwide after all. Since most people send and receive text messages all the time, the open rate of SMS marketing (the rate at which your targeted customers actually open up the text message) is a whopping 98%. In terms of reading rate, SMS marketing is way ahead of any other communication method around. So instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, why not use what already works?

Consider this. What is one of the things most people absolutely cannot leave the house without? Yup, that’s right, you guessed it; their mobile phones! In fact, it is probably within arms-reach 24/7. Apart from meeting a customer in person or calling them over the phone, making use of SMS marketing is one of the most direct ways of communicating your message whilst ensuring your message is literally delivered straight into the right hands, at exactly the right time. How more laser-targeted can your marketing get than that?

In a world oversaturated with unread emails, overlooked advertisements and pamphlets and junk-mail simply thrown away, it’s easy to see that we suffer from an information overload while at the same time, trying to cope with our busy lives and demanding schedules. In contrast to the abovementioned communications media, SMS messages are the exact opposite. They are small and simple and don’t demand too much time and attention. They get the message across instantly and are more straight to the point. Think about it this way. How many SMS messages do you receive that you don’t open and read?

Regardless of your budget shape and size, SMS campaigns, in general, are highly affordable and you’ll also see a healthy return on your investment in SMS marketing. At just a few cents per message, you can have a highly targeted campaign without putting a dent in your pocket. Here at  Adpu, we offer the lowest and cheapest SMS rates and costs in Ghana!

When it comes to detailed reports and tracking data, we offer you the best in Ghana. Together with Mailtext tell you when your messages have been sent successfully but also provide you with details on how many people opened your message and exactly when across many campaigns, including detailed reports. We also provide several functionalities to meet your very specific, and crucial needs such as a feature called the ‘SMS Log & Scheduler’, where you can access & manage your SMS delivery reports in real-time, ensuring you get the most out of your campaigns!

Let’s SMS together

SMS marketing truly is an efficient and cost-effective way to improve your sales and conversions and overall communication with your customers in large numbers. As technology grows and adapts, so does our marketing efforts and strategies and SMS marketing should definitely be included in your marketing arsenal.

It is quick, simple, accessible and very straight to the point and your potential and existing clients will appreciate that! So what are you waiting for?

Our institution has worked with GhanaWeb for a little over a year now and it has been a very rewarding and beneficial experience thus far. In particular, the University has benefitted from the acquisition of an easily accessible, nationwide platform through which our academic programmes can be advertised. The invaluable opportunity to widen our potential consumer base is also well complemented by excellent relationship management and very reliable, prompt and efficient service in general. We would certainly recommend the GhanaWeb platform for any institution or business who wishes to market their products and service through a mass media channel, and as an institution we look forward to further extending our partnership with the company long into the foreseeable future

Kwaku Damey AsamoahGhana Communication Technology University

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, they all have commendable talent in their respective fields and knocked my concept out of the ballpark. Thanks for an amazing experience!

Kiran DaswaniCEO, The Greens

I have used Ghana Web within my digital marketing strategy for a few years and it has served our brand well. Our ads are able to reach the desired target audience, we generate good leads and through story publications, more and more people are aware of Webster Ghana as a quality American university that offers a memorable global experience to undergraduate and graduate students.

Awoyaa MensahDirector of Marketing & Corporate Partnerships, Webster University Ghana Campus

We work with GhanaWeb frequently since they adhere to the highest quality standards as to online advertising, IAB formats and deliver good ROI on the advertising spend we attribute to them on behalf of our clients.

Media Director, Dentsu Aegis Ghana