Email marketing is a super good way to reach your target audience directly and it contributes to a higher conversion.

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AfricaWeb can contact many GhanaWeb Club members by (smart) SMS next to your own audience.

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GhanaWeb has built its communities on the well known international social media brands like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

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Effective & measurable

Why you would choose for DM advertising

if you decide to advertise:

DM advertising enables the advertiser to reach the target audience with a personal message

DM advertising is very selective and can be used for a well defined target audience

Since the group of people to target can be narrowly defined the costs can be kept to a low level, dependent on the marketing budget of the advertiser

The action desired from the targeted personĀ  only requires a reply making this way of marketing very responsive

The creation of an email or sms campaign does not require a lot of effort and as such an email or a sms campaign can be executed swiftly

DM messages are easy to track since almost all responses will be triggered digital and can be measured accurately