Online Display Advertising

On our news platforms, we offer a broad range of display advertising formats that all comply with the IAB standards.

- Massive Audience -
- Transparant Medium -
- Growing Audience -
- Direct Call 2 Action -

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GhanaWeb TV

GhanaWeb TV provides the opportunity to broadcast your TV advertisements to the vast online audience of GhanaWeb.

- Interactive Watching Experience -
- More Cost Effective Then TV-
- Direct Call 2 Action -
- Transparent Results -

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Programmatic Guaranteed

Our Programmatic Guaranteed deals are negotiated via Googles infrastructure. It's available for Advertisers with access to a Demand-side platform (DSP) with a (Googles) Display & Video 360 partner ID.

- Save Time
- Efficient & Secure
- Transparancy & Trust
- Effective Utilization

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Effective & measurable

Why you would choose for online advertising

if you decide to advertise:

Online display is the most transparent medium that is measured

Online display works for branding and for a direct call to action

The Return on Investment can be measured

Online display gives you access to a massive audience that grows

Online display can be targeted to well defined target groups, increasing the effectiveness

Online display can reach any individual at any time, at any place with the mobile device

Online display can include many formats, for mobile for desktop, extend to video and other solutions

Online display provides many opportunities for a direct interaction with the potential customer